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Kyoiku-soken was established in August 1991 as a think-tank of Japan Teachers' Union (JTU). Since its inception, we have organized many research committees and issued research reports on various topics related to education. The full text of research reports are avilable online in Japanese as well as English summaries for some of them. We hope that you will find them useful.

The first director of Kyoiku-soken was Professor Haruyoshi Ebihara, who had taught at Kansai University and Tokyo Gakugei University. He always sought to conduct theoretical and practical research from a global perspective while also grounded on the field. It is unfortunate that he could not continue his active involvement with Kyoiku-soken after he became ill in August 1992. However his spirits still remain with us throughout the activities at Kyoiku-soken. (You can read more about our organization on the "About Us" page of our website.)

Kyouiku-soken has undergone an organizational restructuring in April 2008, and we have re-adopted the old operational system of appointing a director and sub-directors. Through 2008-2010, the chief director will be Masaya Minei (myself), and the sub-directors are Ms. Sayoko Ishi (lawyer) and Ms. Mutuko Takahashi (JTU's vice chairperson). Ms. Yuko Matushima (JTU's general management team) serves as a head secretariat. The steering conference is the central mechanism of operation with advice from the research conference, which is an advisory mechanism of Kyoiku-soken.

Our activities include organizing research committees that conduct various educational research, hosting research conferences and forums, and publishing journals and books such as a quarterly-issued "Education and Culture." On the website, we share selected educational news, comment on important educational policies, and announce events on education. We hope that our website will be widely utilized by as many people as possible.

Summer 2008
Masaya Minei
Professor, Senshu University